How to Install Outdoor Security Lighting

How to Install Outdoor Security LightingOutdoor security lighting is a must-have for any homeowner. Not only do security lights add a layer of protection for backyards, porches, patios and garages, they can also illuminate work and play areas for you and your family. While it’s recommended to use Phoenix AZ landscape lighting professionals for larger light installs, smaller jobs can be done on your own. Learn how to install outdoor security lighting by continuing to read below.

Steps to Install Security Lights

Follow these steps to install your new motion-sensor security light:

  1. Gather Materials

Before beginning the project, you’ll need a few tools and materials. Tools include a ladder, drill, wire cutters and screwdriver bits. You’ll also need a motion-sensing light fixture, bulbs and electrical tape. Also, make sure the power at the circuit breaker is turned off before replacing or installing a new security light.

  1. Uninstall the Old Light Fixture

How to Install Outdoor Security LightingIf you have an old security light fixture, it will need to be uninstalled. While holding the fixture in place, use a drill or screwdriver to remove the mounting screws. Once complete, uninstall the fixture. If the wires from the junction box are attached to other wires, leave them in place. The wires from the new fixture will later be attached as the old ones were.

  1. Connect the New Wiring

Now that the old fixture has been removed, it’s time to connect the new wires. Begin by stripping about three-quarters of the insulation from the ends for the new wires. Then twist the new wires on to the old ones from the junction box. You will attach white wires with white wires, black wires with black wires, and so on. You can then secure each splice using simple wire nuts.

  1. Install the New Security Light

How to Install Outdoor Security LightingNow that your wires are connected, you can begin installing the new security light fixture. Take the new fixture and line it up over the new junction box. Your new light may be secured directly to the wall or to the box, so thoroughly read the instructions before installing. Make sure all the wires are tucked into the box and use the drill or screwdriver or fasten the box.

  1. Program and Test the New Light

Once the light has been properly fastened and secured, you can program it. To do so, open the cover panel and adjust the sensitivity and time settings. Most lights range from low to high and anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes. Finally, you can test the light’s motion sensor. You can do this by walking back and forth in front of the light within its operating range. You can also test the limits of its range. This will also allow you to test the light’s timing mechanism.